Enrolment Guide

Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy

This course sequence applies until the end of Trimester 3, 2016. For the revised course sequence, please refer to the enrolment guide 2017.

Year 1

1. COUN6101 Developing the Self of the Therapist

2. COUN6111 Counselling in a Diverse World

3. COUN6131 Mental Health Counselling

4. COUN6141 Ethics in Practice

5. COUN6151 Increasing Therapeutic Effectiveness

6. COUN6171 Group Therapy

7. Elective 1

8. COUN6211 Counselling and Psychotherapy Research


Year 2

9.   COUN6201 Trauma and Grief Therapy

10. COUN6221 Advanced Placement and Supervision 1 

11. COUN6231 Advanced Placement and Supervision 2 

12. COUN6241 Research Project 1 

13. Elective 2

14. COUN6251 Research Project 2

15. COUN6261 Contemporary Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

16. Elective 3



COUN6301 Developmental Psychology

COUN6311 Advanced Alcohol and Other Drugs Counselling

COUN6331 Existential Therapy

COUN6341 Counselling Children and Young People

COUN6351 Hypnotherapy

COUN6161 Developing Supervision Skills

COUN6361 Counselling Theory and Practice

* It is strongly recommended that all new students (with the exception of those who hold an existing specific award in counselling; e.g. a Bachelor of Counselling or Graduate Diploma of Counselling) enrol in this unit during their first term of study to ensure they gain a solid grounding in the theory and practice of counselling before proceeding to the remainder of their program.