Sequencing and Structure

Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy

Year 1

1. COUN6101 Developing the Self of the Therapist

2. COUN6111 Counselling in a Diverse World

3. COUN6131 Mental Health Counselling

4. COUN6141 Ethics in Practice

5. COUN6151 Increasing Therapeutic Effectiveness

6. COUN6171 Group Therapy

7. Elective 1

8. COUN6211 Counselling and Psychotherapy Research


Year 2

9.   COUN6201 Trauma and Grief Therapy

10. COUN6221 Advanced Placement and Supervision 1 

11. COUN6231 Advanced Placement and Supervision 2 

12. COUN6241 Research Project 1 

13. Elective 2

14. COUN6251 Research Project 2

15. COUN6261 Contemporary Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

16. Elective 3



COUN6301 Developmental Psychology

COUN6311 Advanced Alcohol and Other Drugs Counselling

COUN6331 Existential Therapy

COUN6341 Counselling Children and Young People

COUN6351 Hypnotherapy

COUN6161 Developing Supervision Skills

COUN6361 Counselling Theory and Practice

* It is strongly recommended that all new students (with the exception of those who hold an existing specific award in counselling; e.g. a Bachelor of Counselling or Graduate Diploma of Counselling) enrol in this unit during their first term of study to ensure they gain a solid grounding in the theory and practice of counselling before proceeding to the remainder of their program.