Vocational Education and Training Application to Graduate

From 1 April 2015 new standards apply

From 1 April 2015 VET students who complete their course will no longer be required to apply to graduate. The college will automatically submit the application for them.

After results have been approved and released each trimester by the Board of Examiners, the college will assess the status of all VET students.

All VET students who are deemed to have completed the academic requirements of their course will be forwarded to the school for assessment. At this stage, the student will receive an email stating that their application has been received. See the submission confirmation email date in the table below.

The school will check that all requirements for the course have been met including any required workshops or placement. The Head of School will then recommend that the student be regarded as eligible to graduate.

Once the student has been deemed eligible to graduate by the Head of School, the college will prepare all of the documentation for graduation including the testamur (the actual award) and the official statement of results.

The awards will then be conferred by the Dean on the awards issuance date (see table below) which will be within 30 days of the Head of School recommendation date (that is, 30 days from the date the student is deemed eligible to graduate).

Study Period

Results release dates

Student receive submission confirmation email by

Students approved of being Eligible to Graduate

Award Issuance Date

Trimester 3 2015





Summer School 2016





Trimester 1 2016





Trimester 2 2016






If you believe that you have completed your course but have not received a confirmation email by the submission confirmation email date in the table above, please contact the relevant key contact on the numbers below.

VET students will normally graduate in absentia however will be invited to attend the following graduation ceremony to celebrate their achievement.

Please note: The November award issuance date corresponds to the graduation ceremony date, therefore, students may elect to receive their award at the ceremony.

Eligibility requirements

Academic requirements

You must have completed all of the relevant units of competency and other academic requirements of your course including any required placements and workshops. You cannot graduate if any of your results are outstanding. Please remember that new legislation requires you to supply the college with your USI before any award or statement can be issued.

Overdue fees or fines

All overdue fees or library fines must be finalised in order to graduate.

Check list: How do I know if I am eligible to graduate?

If you answer "YES" to the checklist below you may be eligible to graduate. 


I have completed all of the relevant units of competency in my course sequence.


I have completed any relevant and required workshops or placement for my course.


I have no outstanding fees or will have paid my fees before the application closing date above.


I have returned all library books and have paid any outstanding library fines.


I have confirmed my full legal name including middle name/s on my student file or updated through the Registrar's Office by the application closing date above.


I have advised the college of my Unique Student Identifier (USI)


Key Graduation Contacts


Student Administration

Tel: 1800 061 199

Email: admin@acap.edu.au


Student Administration

Tel: 07 3234 4400

Email: acapbris@acap.edu.au


Cassie Watson

Tel: 03 8613 0602

Email: cassie.watson@navitas.com


Annalise Sinclair-Lidster

Tel: 02 8236 8059

Email: annalise.sinclair@navitas.com