School of Psychological Sciences Examinations

Examination Timetable - Week 12 - Trimester 3 2016

Exams are held in Week 12 for each trimester and all students are expected to sit their exams during that week.

Please see the two tables below for exam dates for all campuses, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney and the venue for the exams. 

Mon 12 Dec

Tues 13 Dec

Wed 14 Dec

Thur 15 Dec

Fri 16 Dec

 Morning Session - 9.30am – 11.40am 

Life Span Development

Psychology: An Evidence-Based Approach 2

Professional Issues and Applications in Psychology

Psychology: An Evidence Based Approach 3

Learning and Memory

Life Span Development (Advanced)

Psychology: An Evidence-Based Approach 2 (Advanced)

Professional Issues and Applications in Psychology Advanced

Psychology: An Evidence Based Approach 3 Advanced

Learning and Memory Advanced



Research Methods for Professional Psychology






Research Project 1: Research Methodology


 Afternoon Session - 1.30pm – 3.40pm 

Introduction to Psychology: The Individual, Society and Culture

Intercultural Diversity and Indigenous Psychology

Social Psychology

Intro to Psychology: Biology, Learning and Cognition







No Exams  

Behavioural Neuroscience

Intercultural Diversity and Indigenous Psychology Advanced

Psychological Measurement and Assessment Advanced

Psychology of Sex and Intimate Relationships



Psychology: An Evidence Based Approach 1






Adelaide Adelaide Campus, L5, 16 - 20 Coglin Street, Adelaide                          

All exams are held in Room 1 apart from 3012, 5352 and 1032 which are in Room 4

Brisbane Brisbane Campus, Ground Floor, 410 Ann Street, Brisbane  Rooms 2.24 and 2.25 (dual classroom)
Melbourne Melbourne Campus, 123 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne 

Room 7.02: 2012, 2032, 2042, 5212, 5232, 5242 

Room 9.02: 1022, 1032, 3012, 3042, 3052, 3062, 3092, 5352, 5382, 5392 

Room 9.03:
 1012, 2052, 5362

Sydney Sydney Uni, Manning Road, Camperdown  The Old Teachers College - Level 3


Week 13 Supplemental and AccessAbility Exams          

Supplemental Exams will run on Monday 19 and Wednesday 21 December only.

AccessAbility exam will run from Monday 19 to Thursday 22 December only. 

Late Assessment penalties apply past Week 13 Term 3, 2016 without approved special considerations/extension (assignment extension forms will be required).

Special Considerations assessed on case by case basis.


Monday 19 Dec

Tuesday 20 Dec

Wednesday 21 Dec

Thursday 22 Dec

Friday 23 Dec

9.30am - 11.40am

AccessAbility Supplemental/

No Exams

1.30pm - 3.40pm




No Exams



Students who are registered with AccessAbility and who require special exam provisions must apply for special provisions with an AccessAbility Advisor by Friday 18 November.

All provisions must be approved by the AccessAbility Advisor no later than Friday, 25 November.

Students who are not currently registered with AccessAbility but are in need of special exam provisions need to register with the AccessAbility Service and have their needs identified with the advisor no later than Week 9 of the trimester (Friday, 25 November 2016). Please contact your AccessAbiliy Advisor for more details.

Supplementary Exams

For students unable to attend the dates due to unexpected events outside their control such as:

  • Illness supported by medical certificate,
  • Timetable clashes i.e. your scheduled exam is at the same time as another class, workshop or exam for another unit you are enrolled into

Supplementary exam dates will be available on the Monday 19 and Wednesday 21 December.

Please note these are the final dates students can sit their exams and are subject to approval.

To apply you need to submit the Application for Special Consideration to the Registrar’s office at Please read all information in the document carefully before submitting the form to be sure that your circumstances qualify and please ensure that you attach supporting documentation.

Online Students - allocated to their state of residence

Students studying online are allocated to the Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne or Adelaide campus automatically depending on their residential address.  For example, students who study online and are resident in Queensland will be automatically allocated to Brisbane.

If you would like to sit your exam in a different state to that in which you currently reside, please inform the exam coordinator at the Registrar's Office ( no later than Friday, 25 November 2016.

How do I do that?

Send your email to: :

Subject line: Application to sit exam in a different state

In the body of the email copy please include:

  • Student Number
  • Name
  • Unit
  • Exam Time
  • Exam Date
  • Exam Centre for the exam

Students in Remote Locations

All examinations are held on the Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Adelaide campuses, however, if you live in a different city or in a remote area you may apply to sit your examinations at an external venue no later than Friday, 25 November 2016. Please refer to the information on the Remote online student exam information page.

Addition Information

Arrive early

Remember to arrive well in advance of the exam start time to allow sufficient time to register. You should aim to be at the examination venue no later than 15 minutes before the start time.

Student Card

Please remember to bring your student card to the exam. Your student card must be displayed on your examination desk at all times during the exam. If you do not have a student card please bring photo ID. 

Late exams

Assessment policy applies to students who miss or sit the exams outside the examination period. Please refer to the Assessment Policy and Procedure for further information.