Examination Conduct


There are strict rules surrounding the conduct of exams within the College. It is student responsibility to understand acceptable examination behaviour. There are penalties for students engaging in misconduct and disciplinary action may be taken if examination rules are not followed.

  • You must display photographic proof of identity (preferably your student ID card) before entering and during the course of an examination.
  • Students are not allowed to leave the exam room during the first 30 minutes of writing time (that is the first 40 minutes of the examination as there are 10 minutes reading time) and in the final 10 minutes of exam time in order to minimise disruption to other students. If you finish early and leave the examination room please consider your fellow students and do so quietly.
  • You are required to follow instructions from examination invigilators.
  • You must not disrupt other students during examinations.
  • Any form of cheating, including having unauthorised material or notes, using mobile phones, smart watches or colluding with other students will not be tolerated. Severe penalties apply, see Penalties point below. 
  • All mobile phones, smart watches, electronic tablets, notes, bags or any other material must not be in the possession of students sitting the exam and must be left as directed by the invigilators. Usually this means at the front or back of the examination venue. For some examinations authorised electronic calculators are allowed. These will be checked prior to the examination .
  • Bottled water is permitted but must be in a clear plastic container. No food or other drinks allowed.
  • You may be asked to empty your pockets by the examination invigilator if you are leaving the examination room or there is a reasonable suspicion that cheating is occurring. 
  • You can only sit an exam for a subject in which you are currently enrolled. It is your responsibility to ensure your subject enrolment is correct.
  • Please make sure you visit the bathroom if necessary before you enter the exam room. if you need to go to the bathroom during the examination please raise your hand and inform the invigilator. Only one student at a time is allowed to leave the examination room to visit the bathroom. That student may be accompanied by an invigilator.
  • Students are not permitted to remove any examination material, including papers, worksheets, answer sheets from the examination room.
  • You are required to sit an examination on the scheduled day and time unless special circumstances apply and are approved by the College.
  • Penalties - students who are found to have breached any of the above listed rules for examination may be found to have engaged in academic misconduct and may be subject to the Academic Misconduct Policy. Penalties for academic misconduct are severe and may results in your exclusion from the College for one or more years together with restrictions on your subsequent enrolment. Refer to Academic Misconduct Policy