Class attendance for on-campus students 

Students are generally expected to attend all scheduled classes, however, some allowances are made for misadventure.

Each school has attendance requirements which must be met.

Students who do not meet the minimum attendance requirement will be awarded a grade of Fail. This is irrespective of whether the student has met all other requirements of the unit.

Students experiencing difficulty in attending a class should contact their educators directly or leave a message for them with Administration.

To optimise a positive learning environment, only enrolled students are permitted to attend class.

Please be aware that time missed due to significant and repeated late arrivals to and early departures from class may accrue towards the period of absence from class, and may be taken into account in the overall attendance for that class.

School of Counselling

The Attendance Rules for the School of Counselling are found on the Policies page of the website.

Students who have any concerns about meeting unit attendance requirements are to contact the following School of Counselling staff for their campus/mode of delivery:


Sydney campus contact Poonam Srivastava E:

Brisbane campus contact Merlin Morris E:

Melbourne campus contact Jeannie White E:

Online and blended delivery contact Edmunds Strazds E: