Is a Bachelor Degree the right next step after your ACAP Diploma?

ACAP Student Learning Support is proud to launch a lively new module for Diploma students who are nearing the end of their course, created to explain what to expect during Bachelor study.

Bachelor Explorer is free and contains around 50 short videos featuring alumni sharing their experiences of transitioning from Diploma to Bachelor courses, plus ACAP teachers and staff explaining the differences in work placement, coursework and assessment preparation.

Use Bachelor Explorer to find answers to your questions about Degree study and be ready to make an informed decision about your future.

Diploma students have automatic access to Bachelor Explorer after completing six modules of study. Simply log in to the Student Portal and find Bachelor Explorer in the My Classes section. Watch the trailer to find out more.  Need more info? Contact

New Course Progression Policy

A new Course Progression Policy was approved by the Academic Board in Trimester 3, 2015. The new policy differs significantly from the previous policy because conditional enrolment (enrolment in one unit only) and suspension are no longer part of the intervention process. The new policy has three stages:

Stage 1

The new policy identifies students who are not doing well from their first trimester of study. These students are given an “academic caution” and are reminded of all the support services available for students, for example, learning support and counselling support.

Stage 2

If students continue to not do well, they are notified that they are “at risk” of making unsatisfactory course progression. Again, students are reminded of the support services available to them to help them to succeed and complete their studies.

Stage 3

The final stage identifies students who are making unsatisfactory course progression and their enrolment at the College is discontinued.

Throughout this process, enrolment is not restricted, although, some Schools may ask students to reduce their study load.

Click here to view the new policy which is available on the policy page of the website.

ACAP Student Satisfaction Survey Results

Overall satisfaction with study at ACAP was 81.8% which is a good result.

In terms of the personal development, students agreed that they learn something valuable to them (92.5%), and that they learn to value perspectives other than their own (87.4%).

Most students found that the course is intellectually stimulating (87.4%), that it sharpened their critical and analytical thinking skills (83.9%), and that it stimulated enthusiasm for further learning (83.0%).

In terms of services and facilities, again most students were positive about the online student portal (80.9%) and campus administration staff (74.8%).

Students indicated that the College needs to do more work on developing skills to work in a group or team (66.7%), on effectively communicating any changes (63.4%) and on communicating the standard of work expected (64.1%).

Look out for the ACAP action plan based on survey results early next year.

Student Learning Support Webinars 

We've got range of webinars on offer this week and it's not too late to register! Check out the schedule and register here.

The best thing about webinars is that you can do them in your pyjamas!