Faculty and Senior Staff

Principal and Executive General Manager, NPI

Mr Andrew Little


Dr Scott Dickson

Heads of School

Professor Denis O'Hara, Head of School of Counselling

Professor Lynne Harris, Head of School of Psychological Sciences

Professor Carolyn Noble, Head of School of Social Work

Ms Catherine Tracey, Head of School of Vocational Education and Training (VET)

School of Counselling

Dr Judith Ayre

Associate Professor Peter Boman

Ms Jenny Coburn

Ms Eileen Davis

Dr Elizabeth Day

Professor Denis O'Hara

Dr Despina Sfakinos

School of Psychological Sciences

Dr Vanessa Beavan

Mr Tim Chambers

Professor Lynne Harris

Professor Mike Innes

Dr Ben Morrison

Dr Natalie Morrison

Associate Professor Kathryn Nicholson Perry

Dr Fiona Ann Papps

Professor John Reece

Dr Katie Seidler

Dr Ester Senderey

Dr Ran Shi

Dr Geoff Lyons

Dr Michael Gascoigne

Dr Nicholas Harris

Dr Louise Metcalf

Dr Jemma Harris

School of Social Work

Dr Meaghan Katrak

Associate Professor Sharon Moore

Professor Carolyn Noble

School of Vocational Education and Training (VET)

Ms Jane Daisley-Snow

Ms Catherine Tracey