Dr Louise Metcalf


School of Psychological Sciences




PhD in Leadership and Organisational Performance (Macquarie University), MBA, MApPsych (Organisational), Honours, BA (Psychology)

Contact Details:

+61 2 9964 6334 Louise.Metcalf@acap.edu.au

Louise's career started in rehabilitation and general counselling and progressed, while completing Masters, to Organisational Psychology consulting, including consulting internationally on organisational change.

Louise teaches at ACAP while also running her own individual and group level resilience and complexity leadership consultancy, and supervising higher degree research students at Macquarie University's Australian Research Institute for Environment and Sustainability.

Journal Articles

  • Harley, C., Metcalf, L., & Irwin, J. (2014). An exploratory study in community perspectives of sustainability leadership in the Murray Darling Basin. Journal of Business Ethics, 124(3), 413-433.
  • Metcalf, L., & Benn, S. (2013). Leadership for sustainability: An evolution of leadership ability. Journal of Business Ethics, 112(3), 369-384.
  • Metcalf, L., & Benn, S. (2012). The corporation is ailing social technology: Creating a ‘fit for purpose’ design for sustainability. Journal of Business Ethics, 111(2), 195-210.
  • Angus-Leppan, T., Metcalf, L., & Benn, S. (2010). Leadership styles and CSR practice: An examination of sensemaking, institutional drivers and CSR leadership. Journal of Business Ethics, 93(2), 189-213.

Conference Papers

  • Bonich, M., & Metcalf, L. (2014, June). Can organisations pave the way for sustainability in communities?. In 25th Annual Conference of the International Association for Business and Society (IABS) (p. 201).
  • Metcalf, L., & Benn, S. (2012). Human values clustering towards CSR critical mass and business advantage.
  • Metcalf, L., & Benn, S. (2009). Are ethical companies' shares less likely to be bought and sold in difficult economic times?
  • Metcalf, L. A., Parkes, L. P., & Langford, P. H. (2006). The Business case for ethics: why good guys finish first.
  • Langford, P. H., Parkes, L. P., & Metcalf, L. (2006, January). Developing a structural equation model of organisational performance and employee engagement. In 2006 Joint Conference of the Australian Psychological Society and the New Zealand Psychological Society, Auckland, New Zealand.

Research Centres

Australian Research Centre for Environment and Sustainability (ARIES)

Research & Scholarships

Research Interests

Louise’s areas of interest for supervising research projects are in positive psychology, resilience and sensemaking about complexity and diversity. In recent years she has worked in a research centre at Macquarie University to develop means of creating resilience in communities and organisations. Her resilience and complexity research is multi-level, encompassing individuals, family/groups and community/organisations.

Expert Comment Topics

Resilience, Complexity, Diversity, Leadership, Women in Leadership