ACAP Bachelor of Psychological Science Criminology major stream widens career prospects in justice

Posted by on 12 May 2016

The Australian College of Applied Psychology (ACAP) has enhanced its Bachelor of Psychological Science by adding a Criminology major stream. The update is in response to students’ growing interest in professions in criminology and justice. The new course content is designed to provide marketable career skills at the undergraduate level, for occupations in these popular fields.

While the counselling electives already available to students in the Bachelor of Psychological Science cater to those interested in pursuing careers working with people directly, the units offer students the ability to develop skills in a different area, building on the strong relationship between the two disciplines.

“Psychology is about evidence-based practice, critical thinking skills and their application in understanding human behaviour. This is complemented by the Criminology major, where these skills are focussed and applied within the specific context of certain human behaviour being observed and labelled as ‘criminal’”, said Natalie Morrison, Lecture and Course Coordinator, ACAP School of Psychological Sciences.

College partnership

The Criminology double major stream is the result of an alliance between ACAP’s School of Psychological Sciences, which offers the Bachelor of Psychological Science, and the Navitas College of Public Safety (NCPS) – a fellow Navitas college – that provides the Bachelor of Criminology and Justice.

“The Bachelor of Criminology and Justice offers students the opportunity to understand the complexities surrounding crime, from why it occurs to its effects and what can be done about it,” said Matthew Thurgood, Senior Lecturer and Course Coordinator at NCPS.

“The double major stream available to Psychological Science students will allow graduates to apply more specifically what they have learned about psychology to crime and the criminal justice system.”

Criminology electives

In addition to the psychology subjects, Criminology major students will complete 11 units, including one elective. The extra material covers aspects of criminal justice as well as topics covering cultural diversity, ethics, theoretical and applied criminology, transnational crime, Indigenous justice and mental health. The three criminology elective options are international criminal justice, youth justice and forensic psychology.

“The great thing about our collaboration with NCPS is the extended opportunities for students in the Bachelor of Psychological Sciences. They can elect to complete the second major in Criminology, or take one or two electives from the Criminology major sequence to satisfy a professional interest in that direction,” said Lynne Harris, Head, School of Psychological Sciences.

ACAP’s Criminology major will be available on-campus at the Melbourne CBD college or online, from Trimester 2, 2016 (commencing 30 May). Read the Bachelor of Psychological Science course overview and entry criteria here, or see the full list of units required for the double major here