ACAP has rebranded!

Posted by ACAP on 23 July 2018

After delivering quality education programs for over 30 years, ACAP has undergone change and innovated in response to changing market needs and conditions. As of 23rd July, ACAP has once again adapted to the evolving education landscape by means of an official rebrand. 

ACAP’s new identity is a modern and dynamic representation of the college and the bright future as a leading specialist in the field. In addition to a bold and fresh approach to visuals, this new brand has been designed to showcase ACAP’s commitment to teaching perspective, skills and knowledge that empowers students to create positive impact almost anywhere.

The new brand creative is deliberately bold, and is designed to showcase empathy in action; feelings, states of mind, moods. Students and staff won’t experience any significant differences to their day to day experience. In fact, the fresh look of new logos and visuals adorned on various touchpoints, ACAP materials and across the new website can now be enjoyed.