ACAP teacher appointed to key Australian Psychological Society role

Posted by Virginia on 25 October 2017

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ACAP teacher and professional psychology programs coordinator, Associate Professor Kathryn Nicholson Perry, has accepted a key volunteer position at the Australian Psychological Society.

At the 2017 APS conference Kathryn accepted the role of Education Liaison Officer for the Society’s College of Clinical Psychologists, the organisation representing Australian clinical psychologists.

“The position involves representing training issues on the National Committee of the APS College of Clinical Psychologists, and working with clinical psychology trainers to support them,” said Kathryn.

“My aim is to extend the work of my predecessor, Associate ProfessorSunil Bhar, in developing more effective networks for those involved in clinical psychology training, including directors of clinical psychology training programs, placement coordinators, clinic directors and others who are essential to providing high quality training.”

Her latest responsibility is not the first time Kathryn has played a part at the APS. She was previously its NSW State Chair, and National Deputy Chair. Her new focus will have advantages for her Discipline of Psychological Sciences colleagues and for the clinical practitioners of the future who are currently studying at ACAP.

“ACAP faces the same challenges as other course providers, and in some ways more so because of our recent entrance into this type of course and because we are a private educational institution, unlike many others,” she said.

“Working collaboratively on issues of common interest both helps to strengthen our networks and to benefit the quality of our courses and opportunities for our graduates.”