ACAP’s Dr Denis O'Hara publishes a new book on the Importance of Hope

Posted by ACAP on 29 September 2013

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resizedimage243366 Dr DenisIn his new book, ACAP’s Associate Professor explores new possibilities for Counselling and Psychotherapy

How important is the element of hope in successful recovery from mental illness? Associate Professor of Counselling & Psychotherapy, ACAP’s Dr Denis O'Hara, believes it is a key factor in successful counselling and psychotherapy treatments, and one which is often overlooked. This is the topic of his new book, Hope in Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Hope has long been recognised as an essential element in well-being and also in recovery from physical and mental illness. But while the therapeutic importance of hope is well known, until relatively recently, limited research has been conducted on how hope functions and how it can best be promoted.

Dr O’Hara’s book seeks to open up this discussion, exploring a range of theoretical dimensions of hope, its relationship with despair and the importance of patient reflectivity.

Hope in Counselling and Psychotherapy also considers the practical topic of how therapists can work with clients to develop their sense of hope. One emerging research finding is that it is not only the client’s hope in counselling and psychotherapy which is important in recovery, but also the therapist’s. In fact, Dr O’Hara argues that whilst clients come to therapy with some measure of hope, that the therapist’s role, be it as instiller of hope, co-explorer/co-discoverer of hope, and/or co-creator of hope, is key in the success of the therapeutic process.

Hope in Counselling and Psychotherapy is published by SAGE Publications and is available for purchase online through Footprint Books and The Book Depository.