Graduate survey results showcase ACAP’s expert scholarship

Posted by Virginia on 24 January 2018

The Australian College of Applied Psychology (ACAP) has again fared well in the latest Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) survey of Psychology and Social Work graduates.

The independent review invites graduates from national education providers to respond to a detailed questionnaire about their learning experiences and employment outcomes in the four months following their courses’ completion.

In the category, ‘Overall Quality of Educational Experience’, ACAP rated above the national average in each of the seven sub-sections: student experience, teaching quality, student support, skill development, overall satisfaction, teaching practices, and skills improvement.

“The QILT survey results reflect ACAP’s focus on high quality teaching and graduate outcomes,” said Dr. Raffaele Marcellino, Provost, Navitas Careers & Industry Division.

“ACAP delivers considerable value to students who benefit from ACAP’s ethos as an institution devoted to the preparation of human services professionals with a curriculum underpinned by industry experience and expert scholarship.”

Graduate job rates

Notable features of ACAP’s QILT results include the full-time employment rate of 87.2 per cent for psychology postgraduates, with overall employment for this group at 89.5 per cent. Their median salary of $80,000 is higher than the national average reported in the survey, at $75,000.

ACAP Psychology undergraduates enjoyed a 54.5 per cent full-time employment rate, just 4.4 per cent below the national result, with this group’s employment rate across all job types at 76.6 per cent.

At 83.1 per cent, ACAP Social Work undergraduates’ employment was only 3.6 below the national average, a tally that includes the job results of graduate survey participants from universities around the country.

Student experience

The ACAP Social Work student experience and graduate satisfaction categories reflected above-average results in feedback on teaching quality, student skill development, overall satisfaction and student skill improvement.

Satisfaction with Social Work teaching practices at ACAP scored 78.8 per cent, which is 8.1 per cent above the national average for that question.  

New courses

From Trimester 1, 2018 ACAP has expanded its course offerings with the merger of its two top disciplines into double major degrees. The Bachelor of Psychological Science and Counselling, featuring work placement for practical experience; and the Bachelor of Psychological Science and Criminology, which highlights individual and societal criminality in its study of human behaviour.

“Students blossom in ACAP’s environment of dedicated teaching facilities, excellent faculty and an engaged community. With a growing awareness of mental health and wellness in contemporary society ACAP is eminently placed to deliver well prepared professionals to help meet the needs of Australia,” said Dr Marcellino.

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