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Immerse yourself in a unique learning experience

Posted by ACAP on 14 April 2020

ACAP are running virtual Experience Sessions where prospective students can ignite their curiosity and gain a fascinating insight into what it’s like to be a student at ACAP.

Participants can join the interactive online experiences from the comfort of their own home. These sessions will simulate a real-life classroom experience where an ACAP academic will engage participants in a specific subject, whether it is in psychology, counselling or criminology. 

To find out more about each session read the session overviews below: 

The Power of Media in Shaping Our Perceptions of Crime Image 5

Date: Thursday 14th May, 2pm

Presenter: Matthew Thurgood

Details: Senior lecturer, Matthew Thurgood examines societal understandings of crime, mental illness, punishments and the ways in which these perceptions are shaped. You will be invited to consider the effect of different forms of media – from news and television programming to social media. 

An Insight into Sanity and Insanity 

Image 3

Date: Tuesday 19th May, 2pm 

Presenter: Professor John Reece

Details: This session explores the Gargasoulas case from a psychology perspective and provides insight into how sanity and insanity plays out in a legal context, how we define mental illness and what research tell us about dangerousness and mental illness.

Counselling Practice in the 21st Century 

Image 4

Date: Wednesday 20th May, 2pm

Presenter: Associate Professor Vicki Hutton

Details: This session provides students with an insight into counselling in the 21st century including new and exciting areas that are evolving in the counselling field such as, online therapy, trauma-informed care framework and links with neuroscience.


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