Social Welfare major stream adds value to ACAP Psychology Degree

Posted by Virginia on 14 March 2017

The Australian College of Applied Psychology (ACAP) has added a Social Welfare major stream to its popular Bachelor of Psychological Science. The innovation is the second curriculum update within four months, to the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC) accredited program, since a Criminology stream was included in October.

The new option will provide marketable career skills at the undergraduate level within the growing social welfare field. The additional study is expected to be attractive to students with a passion for social justice who are committed to applying their studies in psychology in community settings.

“Students who complement their psychology qualification with the additional sequence of units from ACAP’s School of Social Work will be well equipped for positions in health and welfare when they graduate,” said Lynne Harris, Professor and Head, School of Psychological Sciences.

“In their undergraduate psychology degree students develop critical thinking skills and learn about key areas of psychology and their application to understanding human behaviour. Combining social welfare theory, practice and policy to this foundation will equip graduates for roles in human services, community-based programs and services, government departments and NGOs, corrections, justice and services assisting women, migrants, indigenous communities, children and families.”

The new unit sequence covers social welfare systems, structures of power and decision-making, service provision and practice as well as advocating for people’s rights as citizens.

“Our collaboration with the ACAP School of Social Work extends the opportunities for students in the Bachelor of Psychological Sciences. Depending on their level of interest, they can complete the Social Welfare stream, or take one or two electives from the sequence to satisfy a professional interest in that direction,” said Professor Harris.

The Social Welfare stream of the Bachelor of Psychological Science is available for on-campus study in Sydney.