Welcome to ACAP Melbourne's new campus manager, Andrew O'Brien

Posted by Mark Kennedy on 26 April 2019

ACAP has the honour of welcoming our new Melbourne Campus Manager to the team. Dr Andrew O'Brien took a few minutes to tell us a bit about himself.

What are your interests?

My professional interests focus on developing shared vision, effective teams, relationships and helping people achieve their potential. For several years I hosted a successful podcast with a peak of 35,000 downloads per month.

These days, I am a keen ultra-runner focussing on with 100 mile events. I always run with my wife, and a few years ago wrote a book entitled Couple on the Run which was a book about travel, relationships and our adventure running 8 marathons in 8 countries in 8 weeks. I also try to practice yoga everyday to keep my self mobile.

What do you like most about Melbourne? Where else have you lived?

After 4 years living interstate I am thrilled to be back home in the city where I grew up and raised my family. I love the energy and diversity of Melbourne. So much to see and do and with Melbourne becoming a really vibrant international city.

Running the Bayside or Yarra trail, going to the theatre and concerts and enjoying the cafes with my family are my favourite Melbourne activities.

I have also lived in Hobart and Perth.

Do you support any sporting teams?

I always cheer for Australian teams and was a passionate Fitzroy fan when they were in the AFL. My father-in-law captained Essendon and won a couple of premierships so I have a soft spot for the bombers.

What do you like most about teaching?

I love facilitating learning whether that be for students in the classroom or for staff in an organisational setting. Helping people grow and develop is what lights me up as I gain great satisfaction through the success of others.

What’s your educational background?

My first time around I bombed out as an undergrad but came back as a mature student to complete a Doctorate, an MBA and Masters of Management and Financial Planning. Through my education and experience I love helping students create their desired future regardless of starting point or setbacks.

When completing my doctorate I converted the findings into cartoons which serve as conversation starters so I can share the learning with diverse audiences.

Most of my career has been in managing student services including careers, leadership development, wellbeing, sport, recreation, student clubs and support services.

In recent years, a considerable part of my work has focussed on working with students to build online communities with social media at the same time as developing students skills and work experience in content creation and online engagement.