Annet Jansen

Meet ACAP Graduate Annet Jansen

Annet graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Social Science (Coaching)* in 2013.

Why did you choose ACAP?

I liked the combination of online and on-campus study. Also the mature students and small classes.

Describe your ACAP experience.

All teachers were good, a few stood out in the crowd. But most of them were always willing to help (even outside classes).

How has studying with ACAP benefited you?

Personal development, learned about myself and others, Australian society and culture, so much! I have learned about Psychology, theories for counselling, coaching and techniques to assist people.

What are your future plans?

To gain experience as an employee, hopefully in people management. In the meantime, develop a business idea, and start my own business in about five years’ time.

What would you say to someone considering studying at ACAP?

It’s definitely worth it, especially the on-campus classes.

* ACAP now offers both a Bachelor of Applied Social Science and a Bachelor of Counselling (Coaching) in the place of the Bachelor of Applied Social Science (Coaching).