Neil Lucas

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Neil Lucas’s career change from marketing and business development to clinical psychology began at ACAP with the Bachelor of Psychological Science in 2012. He continued to the Honours degree, finishing in 2016 and began his PhD in 2017.

What inspired you to become a psychologist?

I’ve always been interested in human behaviour, personality differences and the abnormal psychology topics we hear about in popular culture. I have always been quite an empathic person too, so it seemed a natural fit for me to study something that incorporates brain, behaviour, personality and helping others.

Why did you decide to study Psychology at ACAP?

I had started at a mainstream university, but their timetable didn’t allow me to complete my first two core subjects part-time, after work. ACAP’s blended learning appealed to me so I could manage content at my own pace and around work commitments. A campus for me in the city near my office was also a selling point.

What was a highlight during your studies?

At my previous university, in a massive lecture theatre, I wouldn’t have been comfortable asking those ‘stupid questions’ in front of a few hundred other students. At ACAP however, the smaller classes weren’t so intimidating, which gave more confidence to speak up. Going in to Honours year at ACAP was also a really smooth transition as I already knew most of the lecturers and felt I had a good relationship with them to really test out thesis topic ideas and get honest feedback.

What would you say to someone considering studying psychology at ACAP?

Do it! ACAP has excellent lecturers, a great learning environment and really good flexibility to help you juggle study around the other important areas of your life. I had a really positive learning experience over the four years and got to work with some really excellent minds - both lecturers and students.

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