Peter Smith

Meet ACAP Graduate Peter Smith

Peter graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Social Science (Counselling)* in 2008 which he completed through a combination of online and blended delivery. He has a private practice, Praxis Counselling and Therapy, as well as completing his PhD in Medicine.

Why did you choose ACAP?

I chose to study at ACAP because lots of the teaching staff are practitioners and the students get to benefit from their wealth of professional experience. I wanted to study online and ACAP offered that flexibility whilst ensuring that I still learnt in a hands-on way.

Describe your ACAP experience.

I particularly enjoyed the practical elements of the degree - they were great for putting our learning into practice and developing friendships with other students. The learning material and teaching staff were excellent; I have stayed in touch with many of my teachers, some of whom have personally mentored and guided me in my further studies and career development. 

How has your ACAP qualification helped you to achieve your goals?

Studying at ACAP expanded my view of the world. After completing the Bachelor of Applied Social Science I undertook a Master of Health Science (Developmental Disability) at the University of Sydney, where I'm now studying a PhD in Medicine. I now also have my own private practice in Lilydale, Victoria, Praxis Counselling and Therapy, which provides counselling and therapy services to individuals and couples, with a particular focus on carers, people with disabilities and the unemployed. Over the past three years I've been self-employed, working in consulting, counselling, research and education roles. I've taught across the mental health, disability and social science fields in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. I'm now actually teaching some counselling subjects at ACAP's Melbourne campus, so you could say that things have come full-circle!

What are your future plans?

I want to continue to build my counselling and consulting practices. I'm also looking forward to contributing the knowledge and unique perspective I've gained through my PhD in Medicine to professional practice, my research interests and the wider community when I graduate in 2015.

What would you say to someone considering studying at ACAP?

Why haven't you?! ACAP provides flexible pathways for anyone with an interest in pursuing higher education for either professionally or personal development. Studying at ACAP led me to where I am today.

* ACAP now offers both a Bachelor of Applied Social Science and a Bachelor of Counselling in the place of the Bachelor of Applied Social Science (Counselling).