Managing Your Social Anxiety Group

Managing Your Social Anxiety Group

The ACAP Psychology Clinic is currently recruiting participants for all groups.


The Managing Your Social Anxiety Group is based in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) strategies. Participants will be provided with psychoeducation on social anxiety, develop cognitive and behavioural skills and strategies to manage their anxiety in social situations, and practice exposure in a graded, safe way to social settings through group interaction.

Participants and Group Membership

Eligible participants will also need to demonstrate:

  • Meet criteria for social anxiety
  • Capacity to participate in a group setting
  • Commitment to attend 8 weekly sessions

Access to web browser on device with video and audio capacity.

Participants will engage in an individual assessment prior to starting the group to ensure group treatment is matched to therapeutic needs. The group will have between 6 and 8 members.


  • Understand how social anxiety works
  • Develop insight into thinking, feeling and behavioural aspects of the problem
  • Learn ways of managing ways of unhelpful thinking styles and unhelpful behaviours that can perpetuate the problem
  • Practice helpful skills and behaviours in a supported way through group interaction and practice tasks in between sessions

Format and Interventions

When the group commences, membership will be closed and no new members will be admitted. The group is conducted via Telehealth in an interactive seminar format, with provision of information, discussion, skill development/feedback and homework practice.

Schedule and Location

The group runs for 8 consecutive weeks, for 2 hours each week at the ACAP Psychology Clinic.


Group will be facilitated by two Provisionally Registered Psychologists under the supervision of an endorsed Clinical Psychologist.

Costs to Participants

There is an enrolment fee of $50 covering the participant workbook, materials and refreshments payable at the time of enrolment. Group sessions are free of charge.

Please note: In response to impact of COVID-19, the Clinic is currently waiving the cost of treatment.

Referral Procedure

If you are interested in joining the group, you can contact us directly. We also accept referrals from doctors or agencies. To find out more, contact the ACAP Psychology Clinic on 02 8236 8070, or email [email protected].


The Managing Your Social Anxiety Group will be evaluated through individual clinical interviews; self-report questionnaires; feedback on the group content and presentation.

Contact ACAP Psychology Clinic

Level 11, 255 Elizabeth Street Sydney, NSW Australia. The ACAP Psychology Clinic is located on Elizabeth Street with easy access by train and bus. Wheelchair access is also available.
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