ACAP alumni mentors students at placement

Posted by on 27 June 2017

Social Worker Lisa Hofman is ‘paying it forward’ as a placement supervisor to ACAP students.

She has a Graduate Diploma in Counselling and a Master of Social Work from ACAP and was employed in her present job at Jarrah House in 2009 after completing her own placement unit at the Sydney detox and rehabilitation facility for women only.

Jarrah House is also unique for including clients’ children in its 10-week residential program. For placement students, this means they get to participate in family-based therapies and observations as well as being exposed to the standard counselling activities and treatments centred on AOD addiction.

For Lisa, there are ongoing professional benefits from coaching social work and counselling students.

“I always learn something new in the supervision process and it gives me an opportunity to reflect on my own practice and that of my colleagues. We grow as a team by reflecting on our practice by mentoring. There have been times that we have reconsidered policies because of the input of students,” said Lisa.

“ACAP students bring diverse educational and professional backgrounds and very often they are mature-aged, which adds richness to the workplace.”

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