ACAP research trio presents study at SEPI Dublin

Posted by on 2 September 2016

Three ACAP researchers presented their joint project findings at the Society for the Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration (SEPI) conference at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland in June. SEPI is an interdisciplinary organisation of international practitioners and scholars exploring the limitations of a single-school perspective. Its aim is to promote alternative ways of meeting clients’ needs by advancing the integration of practice and research.

ACAP academics Professor Denis O’Hara, Dr John Meteyard and Fiona O’Hara had studied the significance of hope and reflective function as two key factors in promoting healthy personal development and were invited to present their findings at SEPI.

“Our research found that study participants who scored higher on the factors of hope and reflective function - a measure of how well individuals are aware of their own thoughts and feelings and those of others – also performed better in their level of psychosocial development,” said Dr O’Hara.

“While it was expected that hope and reflective function were important elements in personal growth, the strength of the influence of these two variables surprised us.”

The study’s results are likely to lead to further research into how these variables interrelate, providing new insights to therapists in clinical practice and beyond.