Cameo TV role for ACAP student Nic

Posted by NSWVICINTSTU on 6 March 2017

Fifteen minutes of fame came in the form of the ABCTV documentary Man Up, for ACAP Bachelor of Psychological Science student, Nic Laughlin. The 2016 series aimed to get to the bottom of Australia’s male suicide crisis by getting guys talking – and hugging, too.

Nic works the overnight shift at Lifeline. He was manning the phones there when the ABC crew interviewed the counselling room’s supervisor and filmed behind the scenes at the premises of the national suicide counselling service.

In episode one, Nic first appears on-screen as he describes it, “performing his signature pen twirl” and again later in the program, talking to a distressed caller.

If you missed the series when it aired in October, you can still catch up on all three episodes here.