Commission procedures

Posted by INT on 6 March 2017

Here is your guide to our agency commission procedure:

  • Email  your commission invoice after the census date of your student’s first trimester to the ACAP Market Manager (refer to ACAP contacts by city campus) to claim commission for your student’s first trimester
    Commission for your student’s second trimester can be claimed after the census date of the second trimester (see Key Dates table, below)
  • The commission rate is 12.5% based on the tuition fee paid for the relevant trimester
  • Email the ACAP Market Manager based on the campus your student is enrolled if you require details on the amount your student has paid for the trimester you are claiming commission
  • The commission invoice is processed after the relevant trimester census date

We look forward to working with you during 2017.

Key Dates

Below are ACAP’s 2017 Trimester and Census dates. For more details, visit our Key Dates webpage


Trimester Date

Census Date

Trimester 1

13 February – 12 May 2017

3 March

Trimester 2

29 May – 25 August 2017

16 June

Trimester 3

18 September – 15 December 2017

6 October