Family Connections group to start at ACAP Clinic

Posted by NSWSTU on 6 March 2017

The ACAP Psychology Clinic at the Sydney campus will host Family Connections group sessions from June 2017.

“Family Connections is an initiative to support those caring for family and friends of people with borderline personality disorder that provides peer support, psychoeducation and skills anchored in dialectical behaviour therapy,” said Dr Ester Senderey, Clinic Manager.

“We’re proud to be adding this important mental health speciality area to our group counselling services.”

The new topic’s inclusion in the range of services was inspired by the clinic staff members’ and several ACAP Professional Psychology postgraduate students’ attendance of a Family Connections Leader Training session, conducted by course co-developer, Professor Alan Fruzzetti of Harvard University.

The weekend training was organised by National Alliance for Borderline Personality Disorder (Australia) and ACAP Community Engagement.

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