Psychology faculty ready to train the trainers

Posted by on 27 June 2017

Senior ACAP psychology academics have begun training their national registered peers in supervisor master classes.

“Psychology supervisors in the field who train provisional psychologists and postgraduate psychology students on placements and internships are required to renew their status every five years,” said ACAP Associate Professor Kathryn Nicholson Perry.

Recognising the looming demand for refresher training, ACAP applied to the Psychology Board of Australia with the offer to contribute its expertise to the cause by providing ‘train the trainer’ courses to the specialist group. Approval was granted and teaching began in May at the Sydney campus. The sessions are designed to update supervisors on student needs and related clinical competencies. Digital video connection is provided for remote participants, making the courses available nationally.

The efforts of ACAP’s School of Psychological Science faculty will help maintain the important pool of supervisors who devote significant time to the responsibility of guiding students to registration and endorsement in the many different areas of psychology practice.

“The master classes are free of charge to supervisors providing placements for students undertaking the Master of Psychology (Clinical) at ACAP,” said Kathryn.

 “For most current supervisors, approval will lapse on 30 June 2018. It’s expected there will be steady demand for ACAP’s new service until then.”

The master class tutorials cover supervision in the contexts: clinical placement endorsement; managing professional competence; developing case conceptualisation; meta-competencies and reflective practice.

Find out more about the master classes here.