Criminology Courses

Criminology Courses

About Criminology

What triggers someone to commit crime and defy societal standards? Study criminology to understand the motivations, patterns and contributing factors relating to criminal behaviour. ACAP’s criminology courses will equip you with the practical skills and strategies to work with youth and vulnerable populations, as well as in the justice system and intelligence agencies.

Why study with ACAP

If you’re intrigued by human behaviour, studying at ACAP is the right choice for you. As specialists in the field, our courses give you a deep insight into the ‘why’ of human behaviour, with an understanding of the connection between an individual, society and culture. Students choose ACAP because:
  • We specialise in psychology, counselling, social work and criminology
  • Our teaching staff have extensive experience, and their research interests relate to human behaviour
  • We have smaller class sizes allowing for a greater level of discussion and engagement
  • Courses are accredited by the relevant industry bodies
  • We provide the full sequence of courses, from bachelor through to master level

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