Associate Degree of Criminal Justice
You’re curious about the criminal mind. Are they born or made?


National CRICOS Course Code
Course length
1 year and four months


Monday 5 February 2018
Monday 28 May 2018
Monday 17 September 2018

Study modes

On-campus in Melbourne, via online delivery, or a combination of both. You will need to have access to a computer and the internet, study mode availability is subject to unit requirements and trimester enrolments.

About this course

Understand criminal behaviour. Lead a successful career in criminal justice.

You’re intrigued by criminal behaviour and want to know more about our justice system. Our Associate Degree of Criminal Justice gives you deep insight into why we think and act the way we do, and the impact our justice system has on people. Learn about criminal psychology, criminal law and procedure, law enforcement and corrections services. 

Gain an understanding of why people commit crimes and the importance of ethics and legal processes. Then graduate with the practical skills to successfully work in the criminal justice system.


This course is comprised of a number of core and elective units. Core units are compulsory subjects required to complete your degree. Electives are a range of units that give you the chance to study specific topics you might be interested in. 

You still need to complete a set number of elective units to graduate.

Elective options include Corrections, Forensic Psychology, and Police and Enforcement Studies.



Before Applying

Chat to one of our ACAP course advisors to make sure you’re picking the right course for your goals. Think about funding options, and whether full-time or part-time study suits your commitments. We’ve also got some entry requirements and practical components to complete.


Feel free to get in touch with us

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Admission Criteria
Meet the following criteria:
  • ATAR – this is an academic course therefore the ATAR is important, however no clearly-in ATAR has been established.
  • A study score of at least 25 in units 3 and 4 of English (any)
  • Results from individual subjects; Legal Studies and Psychology, if undertaken in Year 12.
  • VTAC or direct Personal Statement


  •  Be aged 21 years or over, and
  • Any tertiary courses, complete or incomplete (in this case a tertiary course means a Diploma level course or above), including results received in the completed subjects;
  • Results of the STAT (Special Tertiary Admissions Test) multiple choice test;
  • Information contained in a SEAS (Special Entry Access Scheme) application (if applying through VTAC)
  • Relevant work and/or life experience.

What you'll learn

Expertise in human behaviour forms the foundation of all our courses including our Associate Degree of Criminal Justice.

Explore with an applied focus:

  • Criminal justice systems (and their relationship to the wider community)
  • An understanding of criminal behaviour, criminal law and social control

See the complete course guide here.

ACAP’s small classes appealed to me and I felt that everyone was accepted here. I have decided to continue my studies as I want to learn more about the mind!



Your career pathways


Gain the right experience to work in policing and law enforcement, investigations, customs, para-legal work, court administration, youth justice, and community and corrections services.

Further Study Pathways

The Associate Degree of Criminal Justice may also be used to transition into other university courses such as law, forensics, counter terrorism, criminology and psychology, in both undergraduate and postgraduate programs

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