R.E.A.C.H Group

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REACH (Responsibility- Education- Acceptance- Connection- Hope) is a nine-week psycho-educational support group program for individuals with a mood disorder, run by qualified Black Dog Institute trained Facilitators.

Participants and Group Membership

REACH is suitable for individuals over 18, who have lived with a diagnosis of depression or bipolar disorder for at least one year. Eligible participants will also need to demonstrate:

  • Capacity to participate in a group setting
  • Commitment to attend 9 weekly sessions
  • Acceptance of their illness
  • Motivation to implement 'wellbeing' strategies

Topics Covered:

  • Fostering strengths,
  • Dealing with loss & grief,
  • Identifying early warning signs & triggers,
  • Nurturing wellbeing & support networks,
  • Creating a unique 'Wellbeing Plan'.

Schedule and Location

The group runs for 9 consecutive weeks, for 2 hours each week at the ACAP Psychology Clinic, a not-for-profit psychology training clinic located on Elizabeth St across from Hyde Park in the Sydney CBD.

Costs to participants

There is an enrolment fee of $40 covering the participant workbook, materials and refreshments payable at the time of enrolment. Group sessions are free of charge.

Upcoming sessions


The R.E.A.C.H will be evaluated through individual clinical interviews; self-report questionnaires; feedback on the group content and presentation.

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