The Family Connections Program


The aim of the group is to provide parents, spouses, adult children and siblings the knowledge and skills that will be helpful to them for their own wellbeing in living with a relative with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). The program helps those relatives build a support network with other individuals with a relative with BPD


  • Education on BPD
  • Skills training based on Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) in a supportive group environment
  • Resources and information
  • Development of a support network

Participants and Group Membership

The group will have a maximum of 10-12 members.

Format and Interventions

At commencement membership will be closed and no new members will be admitted. The group is conducted in an interactive seminar format, with provision of information, discussion, skill development / feedback, and homework practice.

Schedule and Location

The group runs for 12 consecutive weeks, for 2 hours each week at the ACAP Psychology Clinic, a not-for-profit psychology training clinic located in the Sydney CBD.


Registered or Provisionally Registered Psychologists undertaking postgraduate training at the ACAP Psychology Clinic under the supervision of an endorsed clinical supervisor.

Costs to Participants

The group is free for carers of someone who experiences borderline personality disorder, or emotional dysregulation.


Participants complete pre and post self-report questionnaires; feedback on the group content and presentation.

Those interested in joining the group email

For further information, contact the ACAP Psychology Clinic on 02 8236 8070 or by email

Dr Ester Senderey Clinic Manager:

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