BPsychSciCrim and BPsychSciCoun – Course Transfer FAQs

Students wishing to find out more about the possibility of switching courses and/or careers should make their decision based on their own specific circumstances and current course progression. It is important that they be aware that changing may delay their course completion and could result in increased fees or FEE-HELP debt to fund the extra courses that may be required.

Please read the FAQ’s below carefully before seeking further information:

 What kinds of career options could be available with the new double major courses?

Bachelor of Psychological Science and Counselling

ACAP’s Bachelor of Psychological Science and Counselling (BPsychSciCoun) provides the first step on the path to training and registering as a psychologist in Australia. A psychology degree is valued by employers in the marketing, sales, advertising, justice and education sectors, for its emphasis on critical and creative thinking, understanding human behaviour, communication and analytical skills and is followed by further study for students wishing to pursue a career as a psychologist.

Students wishing to work as a counsellor will gain valuable experience when completing the two field placement units included in the BPsychSciCoun double major. These provide substantial practical supervised counselling experience to prepare graduates for employment as a Counsellor on completion of this course, or while undertaking further studies.

Counsellors provide counselling services relating to bereavement and loss, alcohol and other drug abuse, mental health, family and relationships, and general counselling. Graduates of the BPsychSciCoun will be eligible for any graduate counsellor jobs, or for more entry level roles such as support worker, youth worker, or welfare worker.

Bachelor of Psychological Science and Criminology

Graduates of the BPsychSciCrim course would have a range of employment opportunities across the following areas:

  • Health and social welfare
  • Social policy and research
  • Market research
  • Human services, including disability and ageing and mental health services
  • Youth justice
  • Case management
  • Community corrections
  • Correctional facilities, e.g. prisons or youth detention centres
  • Immigration and refugee support services.
 Can I practice as both a Counsellor and a Psychologist if I have a Bachelor of Psychological Science and Counselling?

Graduates will be eligible to register as an intern counsellor with the Psychotherapy and Counsellor Federation of Australia, and to immediately apply for counselling positions or other related work in areas outlined in Question 1 above.

It takes six years to become eligible for registration as a psychologist in Australia. This qualification provides the first step on the path to training and registering as a psychologist in Australia. Students who graduate from this course can apply for entry into the ACAP Honours program to progress along the psychologist training pathway.

 Does this mean my course has changed?

No - the current suite of ACAP undergraduate courses remain unchanged for those seeking employment within the fields of counselling, criminology, and psychology. 

 What is the difference between my current course and the new course?

The current ACAP undergraduate courses typically provide education and training in one area of specialisation (e.g., psychology), with the option for students to choose elective units from other areas (e.g., counselling, criminology). The new double major degrees will provide students with an opportunity to attain a qualification with majors in two cognate areas (e.g., psychology and counselling). 

 Should I switch degrees? Does it matter how much of my current course I’ve completed?

Currently enrolled students who may wish to consider changing their course to one of the new double majors should carefully consider the impact of changing course.

Students can only apply for up to 60% credit for the new courses, which equates to 14 units. So, a student who has completed more than 14 units in their current degree may not receive credit for all their completed units should they decide to change course to a new double major course.

For current students, changing to one of the new double majors may result in extending the length of time to complete the course, and increase the cost of the degree as completing additional units will incur additional fees.

 Can I study some of the units of the double major degree in my current degree?

Units included in the Bachelor of Psychological Science and Criminology are the same units that are available to students enrolled in the Bachelor of Psychological Science and the Bachelor of Criminology and Justice.

Specific counselling units in the Bachelor of Psychological Science and Counselling are only available to those students enrolled in that degree. Course Guides provide further information regarding specific units

 What credit will I get if I transfer courses?

Students can request to have credit transferred from their current course to one of the new double majors. The amount of credit that can be transferred will depend several factors including:

  1. The successful completion of prior units
  2. That no more than 60% of the qualification requirements be requested (as per the Credit Arrangements policy, available here)
  3. The number of units in the current course that directly map to the new course (e.g., more units are available for credit from Bachelor of Psychological Science and Bachelor of Criminology and Justice than from the Bachelor of Counselling or Bachelor of Counselling (Coaching))
 Will all the units I’ve studied be recognised?

There is a limit of 60% of units in a course that a student can have credited towards a new course. This restriction is explained in the Credit Arrangements policy that is available here. New counselling units have been developed for the Bachelor of Psychological Science and Counselling, which means that only some of the current units in existing undergraduate counselling degrees are suitable for obtaining credit in the new double major.

Units in the Bachelor of Psychological Science and Criminology are the same as the Bachelor of Psychological Science and the Bachelor of Criminology and Justice, which means that students can request to seek credit for units from these programs. 

 How do I go about transferring my course?

Students who wish to transfer from an existing ACAP undergraduate course can do so by completing the Course Transfer form that is available here