Enrolment Guide

Associate Degree of Applied Social Science (ADAppSocSc)

Year 1: Level 100

Year 2: Level 200

 BESC1001 Preparation for Academic Study * 

 BESC1101 Introduction to Contemporary Society

 BESC1051 Positive Psychology

 BESC1091 Social Systems

 BESC1071 Psychology of Health and Wellness

 Minor Strand unit 1 (Coaching or Counselling)

 BESC1061 Developmental Psychology

 Elective 100


 BESC2001 Social, Legal and Ethical Frameworks

 BESC2111 Social Theory

 BESC2081 Cultural Diversity

 BESC2101 Organisational Theory

 BESC2121 Social Policy              
[Pre-requisite: BESC2111 Social Theory]

 Minor Strand unit 2 (Coaching or Counselling)

 COUN2051 Mental Health Policy and Practice

 Elective 200

Counselling ** OR Coaching Minor Strand (One (1) Minor Unit MUST be taken from each year. Units must be taken from the SAME Minor Strand).

Minor Strand Unit 1

COUN1001 Counselling Skills (Counselling minor strand - On Campus or Blended Delivery)


BESC1081 Coaching Theory and Practice (Coaching minor strand - On Campus or Synchronous Online Delivery)

Minor Strand Unit 2

COUN2031 Advanced Counselling Skills (Counselling minor strand - On Campus or Blended Delivery) [Pre-requisite: COUN1001 Counselling Skills]


BESC2091 Coaching Applications (Coaching minor strand - On Campus orSynchronous Online Delivery)

Electives (Only one (1) level 100 and one (1) level 200 Elective MUST be taken).

Elective 100

BESC1911 Human Resource Management

BESC1901 Managing in Ambiguity and Change

Elective 200

BESC2921 Career Counselling and Assessment - (On Campus or Blended Delivery)

[Pre-requisite: COUN1001 Counselling Skills]

BESC2911 Psychology of Peak Performance

BESC2931 Advanced Positive Psychology [Pre-requisite: BESC1051 Positive Psychology]

Important information about planning your enrolment

  • Units generally do not have to be completed in a set order within each year (except for the foundational first year units and/or where prerequisites are set, as indicated)
  • A pre-requisite unit is a unit that lays the foundation for another, and must therefore be completed prior
  • Not all units are offered every trimester. Please refer to the Yearly Planner and the current timetable page when planning your enrolment for the academic year.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to plan their enrolment for the year ahead of time, including enrolment in electives during the academic year.
  • Unit availability is subject to demand.
  • Rules of Progression
    • A minimum of four (4) Level 100 units must be successfully completed before enrolling in Level 200 units.
    • To view unit fees and equivalent full-time student load (EFTSL) values refer to http://www.acap.edu.au/costs.htm
    • Blended Delivery- Counselling units are available on-campus or by blended delivery (each unit has four (4) online Synchronous Sessions and a compulsory two (2) day on-campus workshop). Please click the link above for more information.
    • Synchronous Online Delivery - Synchronous Online delivery involves meeting synchronously online (i.e. in real time online), at a pre-specified time, for three (3) hours at a time, each week, for the length of the term.
    • ** Counselling units are available on-campus or by blended delivery (each unit has four (4) online Synchronous Sessions and a compulsory two (2) day on-campus workshop).