Graduate Attributes

Associate Degree of Applied Social Science

The graduate attributes for the Bachelor of Applied Social Science course are designed to align with the Australian Quality Framework specifications for Bachelors degrees (AQF Level 7). On completion of the degree, graduates will have attained the following attributes:


  • articulate the key principles and concepts of the social sciences in their social, historical and international contexts
  • demonstrate an understanding of contemporary society, social systems, and patterns of social and cultural diversity and inequality
  • analyse the nature of social relationships and institutions
  • articulate the relationship between theory, social research and practice 


  • analyse and articulate social science as a systematic and coherent body of knowledge, including its underlying principles and concepts
  • apply social science knowledge to social issues and trends
  • analyse, synthesise and critically reflect on the psycho-social, cultural, political and environmental influences that affect the well-being of people, groups and communities
  • effective demonstrate oral and written communication and critical thinking skills
  • integrate interpersonal skills and the ability to work in groups and teams

Application of Knowledge and Skills 

  • apply ethical decision making skills in social research and diverse work contexts
  • initiate, plan, implement and evaluate broad interventions within varied professional, group and community contexts to facilitate change
  • integrate social science theory and practice in diverse organisational settings