Compulsory Workshops/Synchronous Sessions for Blended Delivery

Associate Degree of Applied Social Science (ADAppSoCSc)

What is Blended Delivery?

Blended Delivery (BD) is a mode of study which encompasses both online and face to face learning. Students receive access to comprehensive learning materials and a Lecturer or Academic Teacher for each unit of study. There is a workshop component where students attend campus to practice their skills and also synchronous online sessions where students can integrate theory and practice.

Online Classes + Workshops + Synchronous Sessions
Each Blended Delivery unit has a dedicated online class space which contains materials for independent learning and spaces for class interaction. (See below for further information.)

As a student studying by Blended Delivery, you will be required to attend on campus workshops as part of your course. These run for 2 consecutive days. All or most of the units in your course have this face to face requirement.

You will also be required to attend and participate in 4 synchronous sessions held in the evenings. These sessions are run using Blackboard Collaborate (see below for further information).

The schedule for workshops and online synchronous sessions for units taken by the blended delivery option can be found on the School of Counselling Class Timetables page.

* Please note that on campus components will not necessarily be offered at all locations in each term. This means that interstate travel may be required for some units over the duration of the course.

* Where it is intended to deliver a particular unit on a specific campus, it should be noted that this is dependent on enrolment numbers. Where a campus has insufficient numbers, the on-campus component may be delivered at another campus.

Workshop dates have been set factoring in the following considerations:

  • Where the workshop activities and integration fits best in the sequence of material covered in the unit
  • To optimise assessment preparation or presentations, and to avoid clashing with assessment due dates
  • Reducing overlap with other units and courses where possible  to optimise room availability
  • Based on the schedule of a fulltime student following the course sequence

List of Blended Delivery Units