Bachelor of Applied Social Science (BAppSocSc)

Overview of Bachelor of Applied Social Science

The Bachelor of Applied Social Science provides students with a broad understanding of human social systems at the micro and macro level of analysis. This degree program aims to ground students in the social sciences with a well-developed understanding of social systems, sociological theory and social policy. The degree provides core units in a social science strand, a professional practice strand, an applied psychology strand, and a minor strand in either counselling or coaching. 

Students will acquire an extensive understanding of individuals and society and a capacity to apply social critique to real world situations. Students will have the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge in professional and community settings, to learn to practice within an ethical framework, and develop sensitivity to all forms of cultural diversity, equipping them to provide culturally safe services to a wide range of clients. Students also undertake work-integrated learning placements in a range of organisational settings to develop the practical application of knowledge and skills.      

The course meets the demands of industry and employers for graduates who are capable of working effectively with people, who possess a well-rounded education, who understand individuals and society, and can apply a range of social science principles and theories, and who are capable of thinking critically and analytically.  Graduates are work-ready reflective practitioners who are capable of making a significant contribution to the community and the workplace.

The Bachelor of Applied Social Science is delivered in small group learning environments on-campus and online by well-qualified, experienced academic teachers with quality contemporary curriculum. The Counselling minor strand is provided by blended delivery (both online and on-campus components) to foster skill development. 


Degree Name:

Bachelor of Applied Social Science

Degree Code:


Level of Qualification:

Undergraduate (AQF Level 7)


Minimum: 2 years (accelerated study)

Usual: 3 years

Maximum: 6 years

Number  of Units:


Study Load:

Full-time: 3 - 4 units per term
Part-time: 1 - 2 units per term


On-campus: Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, or online. The Counselling minor strand (three units) is provided by blended delivery.

Student Placement:

Work-integrated Placement 1: 100 hours
Work-integrated Placement 2: 100 hours

Award Title:

Bachelor of Applied Social Science