Specialised Programs

Bachelor of Applied Social Science (BASS)

Choosing a Specialisation

Students can apply to enter one of three areas of Specialisation, Counselling, Management or Sport and Performance. The Sport and performance Specialisation is no longer accepting new or transferring students.

Students undertaking a specialisation are required to complete:

  •   22 core units
  •   2 elective units from the area of the chosen specialisation
  •   2 student placements in the field of the chosen specialisation

For more information see the Course Sequencing and Structure 

Changing Specialisation

Specialisations are typically chosen upon entry into the course. Students may apply to change specialisation using the Application to Transfer Course or Specialisation form available in A-Z Forms. In the event of a specialisation change, the amount of credit granted will depend on the units completed and specialisation chosen. As the BASS does not take new enrolments anymore, students who change their specialisation will transfer into the BASSIX with the following specialisations available: Counselling, Coaching or Management.

Students wishing to transfer into the Counselling Specialisation must apply in accordance with the Counselling Specialisation entry requirements, outlined in the Entry to Counselling Specialisation Information PowerPoint and Application for Acceptance into Counselling Specialisation form available in A-Z Forms.

No Specialisation

Students wishing to complete the Bachelor of Applied Social Science without a specialisation have the choice of three non-specified sequences each, containing 24 core units. These programs combine two areas of specialisation, and one student placement is completed in each area. For full details see the Course Sequencing and Structure.

Face to Face Requirements

Students undertaking the Counselling Specialisation, who study primarily by Distance or Online education, are highly recommended to attend the face to face Counsellor Development Workshops, particularly if they wish to join a PACFA member association or practice in Australia.  These workshops provide students with a hands on, dynamic and interactive opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge learned.