Bachelor of Counselling (Coaching)

The Bachelor of Counselling (Coaching) course maintains an integrative approach by recognising that the disciplines of counselling and positive psychology lay the necessary foundation for professional coaching. This degree provides students with a range of frameworks of counselling and coaching supported by research evidence, combined with field placements and supervision of counselling and coaching practice. As an applied degree, the course embeds professional experience in placement organisations, linked to project units in which students will undertake applied research projects relevant to their placements.

Students in the course will acquire an in depth understanding of the profession of coaching in Australia and internationally. Students will develop skills in a range of evidence-based coaching modalities; learn to practice within social, legal and ethical frameworks and apply ethical decision making models to their coaching practice; demonstrate sensitivity to all forms of cultural diversity and provide culturally safe services to a wide range of clients and groups.

Our philosophical stance is grounded in developing excellence. Student coaches will be immersed in a deep learning process that is both inspiring and encouraging, both theoretical and practical. Student coaches are taught the psychological principles underpinning the processes of human change and development. All curriculum is theoretically grounded and based on contemporary research. We endeavor to inspire students to develop their own coaching theory and philosophy of creating change, and to pursue excellence in their coaching practice. Ultimately, excellence is exemplified by offering the best coach training possible, developed and delivered by well qualified and experienced coaches.


Degree Name:

Bachelor of Counselling (Coaching)

Degree Code:


Level of Qualification:



Minimum: 3 years Maximum: 7 years

Number  of Units:


Study Load:

Full-time: 8 units per annum maximum (2 - 3 units per term) Part-time: 1 - 2 units per term


On Campus: Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth (in 2020) OR

Online and Blended Delivery (six counselling units)

Student Placement:

Counselling Placement and Supervision 1: 100 hours

Coaching Practice and Supervision 2: 100 hours

Award Title:

Bachelor of Counselling (Coaching)