Course Themes

There are four themes in the Bachelor of Counselling course: Foundational Counselling, Knowledge and Critical Thinking, Professional and Ethical Practice, and Counselling Integration. These four themes provide a comprehensive overview of counselling skills and frameworks, ethical practice and cultural diversity, and foster critical thinking and integration of knowledge.

1. Foundational Counselling

Preparation for Academic Study BESC1001

Counselling Skills COUN1001

Conflict Resolution BESC1041

Counselling Theories 1 COUN1061

Counselling Theories 2 COUN2061

Advanced Counselling Skills COUN2031

Counselling in Loss COUN2001

Alcohol and Other Drugs Counselling COUN2041

2. Knowledge and Critical Thinking

Positive Psychology BESC1051

Psychology of Health and Wellness BESC1071

Developmental Psychology BESC1061

Cultural Diversity BESC2081

Mental Health Policy and Practice COUN2051

Applied Social Research BESC3061

Group Work BESC3071

Project 1 BESC3081

Project 2 BESC3091

3. Professional and Ethical Practice

Social, Legal and Ethical Frameworks BESC2001

Change, Influence and Power Dynamics COUN3001

Counselling Placement and Supervision 1 COUN3031

Counselling Placement and Supervision 2 COUN3041

4. Counselling Integration

Counselling Integration COUN3051

Narrative Therapy COUN1911

Existential Counselling COUN1921

Counselling Children and Young People COUN2951

Family and Relationship Counselling COUN2931

Crisis and Trauma Counselling COUN2911