Bachelor of Counselling

The Bachelor of Counselling  provides students with entry level training in the discipline of counselling. The course provides students with the opportunities to develop knowledge of a range of theoretical models of counselling, and the capacity to apply counselling skills to their practice with individuals, families and groups.

Students in the course will develop skills in a range of evidence-based counselling modalities, learn to practice within ethical frameworks and apply ethical decision making skills to their practice, demonstrate sensitivity to all forms of cultural diversity, and provide a culturally safe service to a wide range of clients.

In order to develop the practical application of knowledge and skills in workplace contexts, students will also undertake counselling placements, which are available in a range of organisational settings.

The Bachelor of Counselling provides students with a comprehensive and flexible approach to theoretical, experiential, and skills-based learning. The course is delivered in small group environments on-campus, online and by blended delivery (seven counselling units) by well-qualified and experienced academic teachers using quality curriculum. Graduates are employment-ready reflective practitioners who are capable of making significant contributions as counsellors to the community and in the workplace.


Degree Name:

Bachelor of Counselling

Degree Code:


Level of Qualification:

Undergraduate (AQF Level 7)


Minimum: 3 years
Maximum: 7 years

Number  of Units:


Study Load:

Full-time: 8 units per annum maximum (2 - 3 units per term)
Part-time: 1 - 2 units per term


On-campus: Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth (in 2020) OR

 Online (17 units) and Blended Delivery (7 counselling units)

Student Placement:

Counselling Placement and Supervision 1: 100 hours
Counselling Placement and Supervision 2: 100 hours

Award Title:

Bachelor of Counselling