Course Themes

There are four themes in the Bachelor of Counselling course: Foundational Counselling, Knowledge and Critical Thinking, Professional and Ethical Practice, and Counselling Integration. These four themes provide a comprehensive overview of counselling skills and frameworks, ethical practice and cultural diversity, and foster critical thinking and integration of knowledge.

1. Foundational Counselling

  • BESC1001 Preparation for Academic Study 
  • COUN1001 Counselling Skills 
  • BESC1041 Conflict Resolution 
  • COUN1061 Counselling Theories 1 
  • COUN2061 Counselling Theories 2 
  • COUN2031 Advanced Counselling Skills 
  • COUN2001 Counselling in Loss 
  • COUN2041 Alcohol and Other Drugs Counselling 

2. Knowledge and Critical Thinking

  • BESC1051 Positive Psychology 
  • BESC1071 Psychology of Health and Wellness 
  • BESC1061 Developmental Psychology 
  • BESC2081 Cultural Diversity 
  • COUN2051 Mental Health Policy and Practice 
  • BESC3061 Applied Social Research 
  • BESC3071 Group Work 
  • BESC3081 Project 1 
  • BESC3091 Project 2 

3. Professional and Ethical Practice

  • BESC2001 Social, Legal and Ethical Frameworks 
  • COUN3001 Change, Influence and Power Dynamics 
  • COUN3031 Counselling Placement and Supervision 1 
  • COUN3041 Counselling Placement and Supervision 2 

4. Counselling Integration

  • COUN3051 Counselling Integration 
  • COUN1911 Narrative Therapy 
  • COUN1921 Existential Counselling 
  • COUN2951 Counselling Children and Young People 
  • COUN2931 Family and Relationship Counselling 
  • COUN2911 Crisis and Trauma Counselling