Enrolment Guide

Bachelor of Counselling (BCouns)

Year 1: Level 100

Year 2: Level 200

Year 3: Level 300

BESC1001 Preparation for Academic Study *

COUN1001 Counselling Skills** - (On Campus or Blended Delivery)

BESC1041 Conflict Resolution** - (On Campus or Blended Delivery)

BESC1051 Positive Psychology

COUN1051 Counselling Theories 1** - (On Campus or Blended Delivery) [Pre-requisite: COUN1001 Counselling Skills]

BESC1061 Developmental Psychology

BESC1071 Psychology of Health and Wellness

Counselling Elective 100


COUN2031 Advanced Counselling Skills** - (On Campus or Blended Delivery)
[Pre-requisite: COUN1001 Counselling Skills]

BESC2001 Social Legal and Ethical Frameworks

BESC2081 Cultural Diversity

COUN2001 Counselling in Loss** - (On Campus or Blended Delivery)

COUN2061 Counselling Theories 2** - (On Campus or Blended Delivery)
[Pre-requisite: COUN1051 Counselling Theories 1]

COUN2041 Alcohol and Other Drugs Counselling** - (On Campus or Blended Delivery)

COUN2051 Mental Health Policy and Practice

Counselling Elective 200

BESC3061 Applied Social Research

BESC3071 Group Work

COUN3001  Change, Influence and Power Dynamics

BESC3081 Project 1 [Pre-requisite: Applied Social Research BESC 3061]

COUN3031 Counselling Placement and Supervision 1 [Pre-requisites: COUN2031 Advanced Counselling Skills and BESC2001 Social Legal and Ethical Frameworks

COUN3051 Counselling Integration

BESC3091Project 2 [Pre-requisite:BESC3081 Project 1)

COUN3041 Counselling Placement and Supervision 2 [Pre-requisite: COUN3031 Counselling Placement and Supervision 1]

Electives (Only one (1) level 100 and one (1) level 200 Elective MUST be taken).

Counselling Elective 100

COUN1911 Narrative Therapy [Pre-requisite:COUN1001 Counselling Skills]

COUN1921 Existential Counselling [Pre-requisite:COUN1001 Counselling Skills]


Counselling Elective 200

COUN2951 Counselling Children and Young People [Pre-requisite: COUN1001 Counselling Skills]

COUN2931 Family and Relationship Counselling [Pre-requisite: COUN1001 Counselling Skills]

COUN2911 Crisis and Trauma Counselling 
[Pre-requisite: COUN1001 Counselling Skills]



Important information about planning your enrolment

  • A valid criminal history record check (also known as police check) document must be submitted, in order to re-enrol after the first term of enrolment. If student placement is undertaken within three years of submission of a police check, students will not be required to submit another check for placement purposes.  Information on how to obtain a National Criminal History Record Check can be accessed here. For any questions regarding the purpose of the check and what may prevent students from re-enrolling, please check the Frequently Asked Questions or contact the School of Counselling at undergrad@acap.edu.au.
  • Units generally do not have to be completed in a set order within each year (except for the foundational first year units and/or where prerequisites are set, as indicated).
  • A pre-requisite unit is a unit that lays the foundation for another, and must therefore be completed prior.
  • Not all units are offered every trimester. Please refer to the Yearly Planner and the current timetable page when planning your enrolment for the academic year.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to plan their enrolment for the year ahead of time, including enrolment in electives during the academic year.
  • Unit availability is subject to demand.
  • Rules of Progression
    • A minimum of four (4) Level 100 units must be successfully completed before enrolling in Level 200 units.
    • A minimum of four (4) Level 200 units must be successfully completed before enrolling in Level 300 units.
    • No Level 300 units can be undertaken without completing all Level 100 units.
    • To view unit fees and equivalent full-time student load (EFTSL) values refer to http://www.acap.edu.au/costs.htm
    • Blended Delivery- Counselling units are available on-campus or by blended delivery (each unit has four (4) online Synchronous Sessions and a compulsory two (2) day on-campus workshop). Please click the link above for more information.

** Counselling units are available on-campus or by blended delivery (each unit has four (4) online Synchronous Sessions and a compulsory two (2) day on-campus workshop).