Sequencing and Structure

Graduate Diploma of Counselling (GDC12)

The Course Sequence Guide for the Graduate Diploma of Counselling (GDC12) is restricted to current students who enrolled on-campus at Sydney, Brisbane and by Flexible Delivery prior to 1 January 2008 and to students enrolled on-campus at Melbourne prior 1 January 2009.

Current students who enrolled after these dates and all prospective students please visit the Graduate Diploma in Counselling (GDC 16) Course Sequence Guide.

Year 1 Year 2

1. COUN5011 Counselling Skills 1

2. COUN5021 Conflict Management

3. COUN5041 Counselling Methods 1

4. Elective 1*
[Pre-requisite or Co-requisite: Counselling Skills 2]

5. COUN5031 Counselling Skills 2
[Pre-requisite: Counselling Skills 1]

6. COUN5051 Counselling in Loss

7. COUN5081 Counselling Methods 2
[Pre-requisite: Counselling Methods 1]

8. Elective 2*
[Pre-requisite or Co-requisite: Counselling Skills 2]

9. COUN5091 Mental Health Issues

10. Elective 3*
[Pre-requisite: Counselling Skills 2]

11. COUN5071 Theory and Practice of Supervision
[Pre-requisite: Counselling Skills 2 & the confirmation or commencement of a Student Placement. Please note that the placement can only be a co-requisite if it involves face-to-face client contact and direct supervision. Further information can be found here.]

12. BESC5021 Social, Legal and Ethical Issues
[Pre-requisite: Counselling Skills 2]



COUN5901 Alcohol and Other Drugs Counselling

COUN5921 Crisis Intervention

COUN5911 Cross Cultural Counselling

COUN5931 Existential Therapy 

COUN5941 Family and Relationship Counselling

BESC5901 Groupwork Theory and Practice

COUN5951 Trauma Counselling

COUN5961 Working with Adolescents

COUN5971 Working with Children

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