Student Placement Requirements

Graduate Diploma of Counselling (GDC12)

Fieldwork placements are a period of unpaid work experience in a supervised workplace where students have an opportunity to put theory into practice.  Fieldwork placements are also an excellent opportunity for students to develop networks and explore career options and professional pathways.

All Graduate Diploma 12 students are required to complete 1 fieldwork placements totalling 140 hours:

  • 1 x 140 hour placement after 6 to 8 modules concurrent with enrolment in unit Theory and Practice of Supervision

Graduate Diploma 12 students are required to meet a minimum of 40hrs of direct client contact and 10hrs of clinical supervision within their placement period.

What is considered direct “client contact”?

Client contact is direct client contact, face-to-face or person-to-person work. Group work, psychoeducational groups and co-therapy will be counted as client contact hours as long as the student has primary therapeutic responsibility for the clients.

Case management, telephone counselling, camps, counselling research and informal work with individuals, children and families would not be considered client contact.


There are 2 levels of supervision; day to day and clinical.

Your day to day supervisor must:

  1. be in a managerial or supervisory role  in the organisation
  2. Have at least 3 years relevant experience in the industry
  3. Not have any other relationship with you (eg. family etc.)


At some stage of your total student placement hours, GDC 12 students need to have 10 hours of clinical supervision regarding their 40 hours of client contact. Students will present client cases to their Clinical Supervisor. This is a structured opportunity for personal and professional development.

Clinical Supervisor must be suitably qualified and experienced. Check with Student Placement if you are unsure.

Your Clinical Supervisor must:

  1. Be currently working at a management or supervisory level as a practitioner
  2. Have at least 3 years post training experience in counselling or psychotherapy
  3. Hold a 2 year minimum qualification in counselling, psychotherapy,  or a relevant degree i.e. psychology, social work etc.
  4. Have completed a minimum 750 hours of direct face to face counselling
  5. Have completed 75 hours of clinical supervision post qualification
  6. Not have any other relationship with you (eg. family, therapist  etc.)