Counsellor Development Workshops

Master of Applied Social Science (MASS)

To ensure satisfaction of training requirements, students undertaking the Master of Applied Social Science (Counselling) who study exclusively by Online Delivery, or who complete fewer than 3 units on campus, must attend three separate weeks of face to face Counsellor Development Workshops (CDWs) over the duration of their course. These workshops provide students with a highly dynamic and interactive opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge learned and are held regularly at the Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide campuses.

Each workshop has a number of pre-requisites outlined in the table below.

Workshop Pre-requisites


The Client's Experience

Counselling Skills


The Counsellor's Experience

Counsellor Development Workshop 1
Approaches to Therapy 1; and 
Approaches to Therapy 2


Reflecting on the Counsellor's Journey of Development

Counsellor Development Workshops 1 and 2 and a Counselling Specialisation Elective

Students who complete a minimum of three units of the following units through On Campus study are exempt from attending the Counsellor Development Workshops:


Students can enrol in the Counsellor Development Workshops through My Enrolment in my.acap when re-enrolling each term. For workshops times and dates the see the Counsellor Development Workshop Dates available in Class Timetables.


Students may be absent for up to 1 day of the CD Workshop program, only if there are extenuating circumstances – that is, 1 day in total from the full 3 weeks. Students must show supporting documentation for their absence such as a medical certificate. If a student misses more than one day, they will be required to repeat the workshop. This is to ensure that the student meets the hourly requirement of face to face learning as set by PACFA.