Enrolment Guide

Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy

Year 1

Year 2


1. COUN6103 Person and Practice of the Therapist

2. COUN6104 Philosophy and Theories of Counselling

3. COUN6111 Counselling in a Diverse World

4. COUN6131 Mental Health Counselling

5. COUN6141 Ethics in Practice

6. COUN6151 Increasing Therapeutic Effectiveness

7. COUN6181 Counselling and Psychotherapy Research 1

8. COUN6191 Counselling and Psychotherapy Research 2

(Pre-req COUN6181)

9.   COUN6201 Trauma and Grief Therapy

10. COUN6221 Advanced Placement and Supervision 1 

(Co-req COUN6261)

11. COUN6231 Advanced Placement and Supervision 2 

(Pre-req COUN6221)

12. COUN6241 Research Project 1 

(Pre-req COUN6191)

13. COUN6251 Research Project 2 

(Pre-req COUN6241)

14. COUN6261 Contemporary Psychodynamic Psychotherapy 

(Co-req COUN6221)

15. Counselling Elective 1

16. Counselling Elective 2

COUN6171 Group Therapy

COUN6301 Developmental Psychology

COUN6311 Advanced Alcohol and Other Drugs Counselling

COUN6331 Existential Therapy

COUN6341 Counselling Children and Young People

COUN6351 Hypnotherapy

COUN6371 Advanced Contemporary Psychodynamic Psychotherapy 

Unit under development scheduled for Term 1, 2018 

Important information about planning your enrolment

  • A valid criminal history record check (also known as police check) document must be submitted, in order to re-enrol after the first term of enrolment. If student placement is undertaken within three years of submission of a police check, students will not be required to submit another check for placement purposes. Information on how to obtain a National Criminal History Record Check can be accessed here. For any questions regarding the purpose of the check and what may prevent students from re-enrolling, please check the Frequently Asked Questions or contact the School of Counselling at postgrad@acap.edu.au.
  • Units generally do not have to be completed in a set order within each year (except for the foundational first year units and/or where prerequisites are set, as indicated). However, we strongly recommend that students complete the foundational units COUN6103, COUN6104 and COUN6111 before progressing to other first year units.
  • A pre-requisite unit is a unit that lays the foundation for another, and must therefore be completed prior; a co-requisite unit is a unit that must either be completed before or during the same term.
  • Not all units are offered every trimester. Please refer to the Yearly Planner and the current timetable page when planning your enrolment for the academic year.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to plan their enrolment for the year ahead of time, including enrolment in electives during the academic year.
  • Unit availability is subject to demand.
  • Blended Delivery- Each Blended Delivery unit has four (4) online Synchronous Sessions and a compulsory two (2) day on-campus workshop. Please click the link above for more information.
  • To view unit fees and equivalent full-time student load (EFTSL) values refer to http://www.acap.edu.au/current-students/managing-my-course/tuitionfees/.