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Students graduating from the Bachelor of Criminology and Justice will have the ability to apply theoretical understanding to practical situations in the administration of criminal justice. Students will learn about criminal justice systems and their relationship to the wider community while gaining an understanding of criminal behaviour, criminal law and social control. 

By the completion of the course, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of and integrate concepts and perspectives from the disciplines of criminology, law, legal studies, psychology and sociology
  • Integrate knowledge of the key theories and principles which underpin criminal justice systems, processes and approaches
  • Demonstrate knowledge of specific practices pertaining to law enforcement, the legal system, corrections and other agencies and processes relating to criminal justice
  • Assess and evaluate legislation that is relevant to the conduct of criminal justice systems and the provision of conditions sought to ensure safety and security for the public
  • Communicate effectively the professional and ethical requirements of working in criminal justice and its related environments
  • Analyse critically the policies, practices and processes of criminal justice systems as well as wider public and corporate organisations in criminal justice contexts
  • Independently, and as part of teams, undertake and evaluate social scientific research to solve problems in criminal justice contexts
  • Apply theoretical concepts to practical situations in the administration of criminal justice
  • Adapt and develop legal, policy and practical responses to crime and broader issues affecting criminal justice