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Bachelor of Psychological Science and Counselling

This is course information for enrolled students. For prospective students please visit Bachelor of Psychological Science and Counselling.


The BPsySciCou provides students with the opportunity to complete an Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC) accredited three year sequence featuring a major in psychology and a major in counselling. Students undertaking this program must follow a specified sequence of units from the Discipline of Psychological Sciences and the Discipline of Counselling. This specified sequence of units comprises the double major.

The psychology major provides students with a comprehensive education in the theories and models that underpin the scientific discipline of psychology, critical and analytical thinking, and research methodology, design and analysis necessary for conducting and evaluating psychological research. The psychology major also introduces students to the applications of psychological theory. It’s also the first three of six years training required if you want to work as a registered psychologist.

The counselling major provides students with a comprehensive education in the knowledge, theoretical concepts and best practices pertinent to counselling, specifically in areas relating to theoretical approaches to therapeutic change, clinical skills, approaches to understanding mental health, counselling practice in fields of alcohol and other drugs and in grief and trauma. The course also provides substantial counselling experience via two trimesters of placement. The counselling major complements students’ knowledge of psychology and their understanding of behaviour through psychological approaches.

Data from the National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing indicates that about one in four to five Australians will meet criteria for a mental illness in a 12-month period. The double major provides the first three years of the six years of training required for registration as a psychologist. The double major will also be of benefit to students seeking to working in counselling roles by increasing their overall employability. Moreover, this degree will also provide a pathway into graduate-entry studies in a range of fields, such as occupational therapy and rehabilitation counselling. 


Degree Name:

Bachelor of Psychological Science and Counselling 

Degree Code:


Level of Qualification:

Undergraduate (AQF Level 7)


Minimum: 3 years
Maximum: 8 years

Number  of Units:


Study Load:

Full-time: 6 - 8 units per annum maximum (2 - 3 units per term)
Part-time: 1 - 2 units per term (5 or less units per annum)


On-campus: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth (from 2020) OR

Online and Blended Delivery

Student Placement (Counselling major):

Work Placement Experience, and Supervision 1
Work Placement Experience, and Supervision 2

Volunteering – students complete 140 hours of volunteering. For more information on volunteering, please click here.

Award Title:

Bachelor of Psychological Science and Counselling