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Sequence of Study for Bachelor of Psychological Science and Counselling (BPsySciCou)

Year Level

Psychology Major

Counselling Major

Year 1 (Level 100)

PSYC1012 Psychology: An Evidence-Based Approach 1

COUN1231 Counselling Skills Training 1

PSYC1022 Introduction to Psychology: The Individual, Society & Culture

COUN1251 Counselling Theory

PSYC1032 Introduction to Psychology: Biology, Learning & Cognition

MULT1015 Applications in Context


MULT1025 Professions and Society

MULT1035 Sustainability in Helping Professionals

Year 2 (Level 200)

PSYC2012 Psychology: An Evidence-Based Approach 2

COUN2221 Counselling Skills Training 2

PSYC2022 Perception and Cognition

COUN2271 Trauma Informed Counselling Practice 2

PSYC2032 Learning and Memory

COUN2241 Grief and Loss Counselling

PSYC2042 Life Span Development**


PSYC2052 Social Psychology

Year 3 (Level 300)

PSYC3012 Psychology: An Evidence-Based Approach 3

COUN3231 Counselling Skills Training 3

PSYC3022 Psychopathology

COUN3311 Work Placement, Experience and Supervision 1

PSYC3032 Psychological Measurement & Assessment

COUN3321 Work Placement, Experience and Supervision 2

PSYC3042 Intercultural Diversity & Indigenous Psychology**


PSYC3052 Professional Issues & Applications in Psychology

** These units are APAC approved core psychology units that also meet requirements for PACFA.

Important information about planning your enrolment

For re-enrolments for next term log into the student portal where you can select day and times of your classes. Please note if you are enrolling into PSYCXXXX units you need to choose both Lecture and Tutorial times before submitting your enrolment.

If you require assistance regarding sequencing, please contact the course coordinator via email:

Rules of Progression

  • Within each unit summary pre-requisites can be found and used to plan each year of study.
  • To view unit fees and equivalent full-time student load (EFTSL) values refer to
  • Placement is across 2 trimesters only and ACAP clinical supervision is mandatory across these trimesters.
  • Blended Delivery - Units within the counselling stream are available on-campus or by blended delivery. Please click the link above for more information.
    • Each unit has five (5) online Synchronous Sessions and a compulsory two (2) day on-campus workshop. Attendance for face to face hours are a PACFA and ACA requirement. 
  • Police check 
    • It is a requirement for course progression that students submit a recent National Criminal History Record check within 30 days of accepting the offer. Information on how to obtain a National Criminal History Record Check can be accessed here. For any questions, please contact the Discipline of Counselling at
  • In the Counselling units, 100% attendance is expected across all modalities:
    • Synchronous - as in ‘in synch’ - refers to online communication in real time and asynchronous as in ‘out of synch’ refers to online and offline recorded communication. With synchronous learning students engage with fellow learners and with educators through interactive tutorials and instant messaging with the aid of chat rooms. The learning occurs at scheduled times and for set timeframes. On the other hand, asynchronous learning involves watching recorded lectures, contributing to online discussion forums, and pursuing self-paced learning tasks. Students watch the lecturers, contribute to online discussion forums and work on self-paced tasks on their own time, within a prescribed timeframe, usually one week.
    • Synchronous On-Campus Units - A mandatory minimum attendance of 80% is required for all On Campus Units. This means missing no more than 7 hours across the trimester.
    • Online Units - A mandatory minimum attendance of 80% is required for all Online Hurdle Requirement forum posts. This means non-completion of no more than four (i.e. 2 weeks of self and peer posts) - Online Hurdle Requirement forum posts across the trimester.
    • Blended Delivery Undergraduate - A mandatory minimum attendance of 80% is required for all Blended Modes of Delivery. This means missing no more than 5 hours in total across the 2-hour x fortnightly synchronous zoom interactive tutorials and the two-day mandatory workshops.
    • Fieldwork, Placement and Supervision Units are exceptions with a 100% mandatory attendance requirement. If due to unforeseen circumstances the student misses a clinical supervision session, the student must inform their clinical supervisor in advance. The clinical supervisor will request supporting documentation to be forwarded for consideration by the appropriate panel. There is no guarantee the request will be upheld.