Bachelor of Psychological Science and Criminology


The BPsychSciCrim provides students with the opportunity to complete an APAC accredited three year sequence featuring a major in psychology and a major in criminology. Students undertaking this program must follow a specified sequence of units from the Discipline of Psychological Sciences and the Discipline of Criminology. This specified sequence of units comprises the double major.

The psychology major provides students with a comprehensive education in the theories and models that underpin the scientific discipline of psychology, critical and analytical thinking, and research methodology, design and analysis necessary for conducting and evaluating psychological research. The psychology major also introduces students to the applications of psychological theory.

The criminology major is concerned with approaches to criminal behaviour, the causes of crime, crime prevention, and responses to crime. The coverage of sociology in this major stream exposes students to the wider context in which criminal behaviour takes place and the role society plays in shaping crime and the criminal. This, coupled with the psychology major, provides students with a well-rounded understanding of human behaviour.

Research by the Australian Institute of Criminology highlights the links between mental illness, crime and rehabilitation, with mental disorders identified up to four times more among prison populations compared to the general population. This specialised double major degree will therefore be of benefit to those who are interested in working in the courts, corrections, youth justice or with offenders, victims or vulnerable populations including young people and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. The double major also provides the first three years of the six years of training required for registration as a psychologist. 

Sequence of Study for Bachelor of Psychological Science and Criminology (BPsycSciCrim)

Year Level

Psychology Major

Criminology Major

Year 1/ Level 100

PSYC1012 Psychology: An Evidence-Based Approach 1

CRIM1004 Theoretical Criminology

PSYC1022 Introduction to Psychology: The Individual, Society & Culture

JALE1014 Drugs and Crime 

PSYC1032 Introduction to Psychology: Biology, Learning & Cognition

JALE1024 Criminal Justice

LEST1014 Fundamentals of Law

SOSC1004 Cultural Diversity

Year 2/Level 200

PSYC2012 Psychology: An Evidence-Based Approach 2

CRIM2014 Applied Criminology

PSYC2022 Perception and Cognition

CRIM2024 Transnational Crime

PSYC2032 Learning and Memory

CRIM2034 Issues in Criminal Justice

PSYC2042 Life Span Development


PSYC2052 Social Psychology


Year 3/Level 300

PSYC3012 Psychology: An Evidence-Based Approach 3

CRIM3004 Victimology

PSYC3022 Psychopathology

JALE3914 Case Management  

PSYC3032 Psychological Measurement & Assessment

PSYC3312 Introduction to Forensic Psychology

PSYC3042 Intercultural Diversity & Indigenous Psychology


PSYC3052 Professional Issues & Applications in Psychology